Aldrich is a character appearing in the Starz Original Series Counterpart. Serving as the Director of Counterintelligence at the Office of Interchange, The gruff Aldrich is a strange mix of philosopher and spy.

He is portrayed by Danish film star Ulrich Thomsen.

Season OneEdit

Aldrich is suspicious of D2 Howard's mission but reluctantly goes along on orders from Peter Quayle. (See: The Crossing (Episode))

Aldrich searches for clues that will lead him to Baldwin and ultimately gets the assassin's counterpart Nadia killed. (See: Birds of a Feather)

He attempts to question Baldwin but she refuses to talk to him. He later loses her in an ambush of armed agents during transport. (See The Lost Art of Diplomacy)

He is berated by Peter Quayle for perceived leaks in the department. (See Both Sides Now)

Aldrich takes Quayle to meet a D2 defector named Alice and learns more about the Indigo program.  (See Shaking the Tree)

Aldrich investigates the death of a former OI Director. He comes to the conclusion that Peter Quayle is the leak in the Strategy Department. (See Act Like You've Been Here Before)

Aldrich confronts Quayle about being the leak in strategy, Quayle offers him another suspect. (See Love the Lie)

Aldrich and his men seek Howard Silk but he still doesn't think Peter Quayle is telling the truth. (See No Man's Land (Part One))

Aldrich attempts to control D2 Howard by threatening D1 Emily. He has a final confrontation with Baldwin. (See No Man's Land (Part 2))



Counterpart Aldrich Watcher STARZ

Counterpart Aldrich Watcher STARZ

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