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Alexander Pope is the name of a mysterious Dimension Two character appearing in the Starz Original Series Counterpart.

Pope describes himself as a "Runner". When pressed, he explains that his job was to recruit people like D1 Howard and turn them into people like D2 Howard.

He is well connected with information from the Office of Interchange and is still close to Howard Silk having recruited him more than 20 years earlier.

He is also deeply involved in project Indigo and is using his network of spies in Dimension One to get sleeper agents into positions of power within the Office of Interchange.

Pope is portrayed by Stephen Rea.

Season One[]

Pope meets with both D2 Howard and Emily as both seek information about who is behind the conspiracy within the Office of Interchange. (See Birds of a Feather)

Emily is told that Pope issued the rendition order on Howard. (See The Lost Art of Diplomacy)

D2 Howard learns Pope is facilitating the transfer of illegals through The Crossing as part of the Baldwin conspiracy. (See Both Sides Now)

Pope warns D1 Howard not to trust Emily, but Emily blames Pope for the most recent attempt on her life. (See Shaking the Tree)

Pope orders the destruction of files at the house in Potsdam as OI agents move in on Indigo. (See Act Like You've Been Here Before)

Pope arranges a fake ID for D2 Clare to allow her to cross over and take her Shadow's place. (See The Sincerest Form of Flattery)

Pope issues a kill order for the students at project Indigo. (See Love the Lie)

Pope sets a meeting with Kasper (Adeel Akhtar) to extract the lie exam man. He's promised to give Kasper his other's life in D1 so that he can be with his dead son again. (See No Man's Land (Part 1)

Pope offers to help D1 Howard get home only if he agrees to spy for him like his counterpart did. Their meeting gets physical. (See No Man's Land (Part 2))

Season Two[]