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Alice is the name of two characters appearing in the Starz Original Series Counterpart. Alice defected through The Crossing from Dimension Two to Dimension One.

She is portrayed by Berlin-born actor and singer Lisa Hagmeister.


In Dimension Two, Alice was a secretary in the Strategy department at the Office of Interchange.

She defected to Dimension One and brought information deemed valuable to OI head of counterintelligence Aldrich. As a result, he provides a round-the-clock security detail surrounding her home in the German countryside.

Aldrich explains that, when Alice arrived, she wanted to meet her other. The two hit it off and now live together with D1 Alice's partner Herbert (Sebastian Weber).

Season One[]

Aldrich and Peter Quayle visit Alice. She explains the politics behind and operation of a D2 black op known as Indigo. (See: Shaking the Tree)