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Anna Burton-Silk, daughter of D2 Howard Silk and Emily Burton Silk, is a recurring character in Starz Counterpart.

The character only exists in Dimension Two having been lost to miscarriage in D1. She is a doctor. Anna is still close with her mother, but is angry and distrustful of her father after years of estrangement.

Season One[]

Anna meets D1 Howard for the first time and notices he's not acting like his counterpart during her mother's medical crisis. (Both Sides Now)

D1 Howard goes to visit Anna. She is suspicious of his motives and returns the visit, confronting him at his apartment. They talk. (Shaking the Tree)

Anna tells her mother she's starting to feel concern for her father again due to his recent change in behavior and their talk. Emily warns her off saying Howard hasn't changed. (Act Like You've Been Here Before)

Thinking that he's returning home, D1 Howard leaves a card for Anna. The inscription reads, "You’re everything I hoped you’d become. – Dad”. (No Man's Land (Part 2))

Season Two[]

Anna visits her mother to discuss a recent breakup and the disappearance of her father. (Outside In)

D2 Emily calls Anna to treat D1 Howard after he is shot. Anna learns her parents are spies and tells a story that makes it clear that D1 Emily crossed over and interacted with an eight-year-old Anna. (In From The Cold)