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Baldwin (real name Nadia Fierro) is a mysterious assassin whose life takes on a new purpose when she is exposed to the other side of The Crossing where her counterpart is a talented musician.

Baldwin is portrayed by award-winning Italian actor Sara Serraiocco.

Young Nadia is portrayed by Alessandra Reggiani and her father is played by Fabrizio Ferracane.


Nadia was born in Italy and immigrated to Germany when she was 10. Her father, an alcoholic failed musician pushed her to learn violin and exploited her talent for money.  Shortly after she let her father die on a subway track the two Nadias' lives diverged significantly.

Dimension One[]

Nadia Fierro is an accomplished classical violinist. She lives in a large loft apartment and photographs suggest she has a girlfriend. She is wracked with guilt over the death of her father and self-harms by cutting her arm.

Dimension Two[]

Nadia insists on being called Baldwin by her employers. She is an assassin who is working for project Indigo. She is to kill named targets as part of a plan by a hard-line faction within the Office of Interchange to replace Dimension One personnel with their Dimension Two counterparts to disrupt operations and diplomacy.

Season 1[]

Baldwin arrives through The Crossing and begins killing her targets. She is confronted by the Howard Silk from her dimension. (See: The Crossing (Episode))

Baldwin comes face to face with Nadia, her Dimension One counterpart, and relives a bit of her traumatic past. (See: Birds of a Feather)

Baldwin talks to D1 Howard then saves his life when she is rescued from custody by Clare and a team of agents. (See: The Lost Art of Diplomacy)

Clare and Baldwin sleep together, but Clare then tries to have the assassin killed. (See Both Sides Now)

Having survived the attempt on her life, Baldwin is on her own with no support. She follows Clare as she meets with a group of sleeper agents from project Indigo. (See Shaking the Tree)

Baldwin stalks Clare and vows to finish her contract in exchange for 100 thousand Euros. She grows closer with Greta. (See Act Like You've Been Here Before)

Baldwin kills D1 Oskar Wolfe. (See Love the Lie)

Baldwin finishes killing the sleeper agents' shadows and delivers their identity documents and possessions. She runs into Nadia's ex while shopping with Greta and accepts a contract on Howard Silk from Clare. (See No Man's Land (Part One))

Baldwin strikes a bargain with D2 Howard and gets revenge for Nadia's death. (See No Man's Land (Part 2))




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