Bob Dwyer is an OI director in Dimension Two introduced in the second episode of the Starz Original Series Counterpart.

He appears to occupy the same office as Peter Quayle does in Dimension One. He serves in a supervisory role over D2 Emily Burton Silk at the D2 Office of Interchange.

Bob Dwyer is portrayed by Kenneth Choi.

Season OneEdit

Dwyer reprimands Emily Burton over the death of contractors assigned to her division. (See: Birds of a Feather)

Dwyer is forced to send Emily Burton with Ian Shaw to investigate the Baldwin situation in Dimension One. (See: The Lost Art of Diplomacy)

Dwyer agrees to let Emily take some personal time unaware that she is still working to investigate Indigo. (See: Act Like You've Been Here Before)

Dwyer is placed in charge of the OI investigation into Indigo. (See: No Man's Land (Part 2))

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