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Counterpart aired for two seasons on the Starz App and on the Starz premium cable television channel.

Created by Justin Marks, the SciFi/Drama stars J. K. SimmonsOlivia Williams, Harry Lloyd, Nazanin Boniadi, and Sara Serraiocco as a group of agents and spies in a cross-dimensional cold war centered in Berlin, Germany. The show features Stephen Rea, Nolan Funk, and Lotte Verbeek in key supporting roles in Season 1 and James Cromwell and Betty Gabriel shake up the cast on both sides of the dimensional divide in Season 2

Counterpart is ripe for fan theories and Counterpart Starz Wiki collects all the show canon you need to let your imaginations run wild with all the cross-dimensional possibilities. You'll also find complete recaps of all the episodes and behind the scenes production notes from the creators.

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Question about Season 1, Episode 10 - /u/Maximum-Kitchen2749 - 2022/01/24 03:26

In this scene here (after the shotting has taken place and the characters have gathered in the board room to receive word from Management), presumably set in Prime world, we can see Emily and Peter to...

SPOILER Clare so weak against Quayle - /u/imrany - 2022/01/20 17:37

One thing that bothered me about the first season was how Quayle so easily subdued Clare and chained her to the heater or whatever it was. She was a trained killer and Quayle was a bureaucrat, did any...

Just started watching, question about the two worlds. - /u/Jankat7 - 2022/01/17 12:32

So I just started watching and I'm not even done with the first episode. It is said in the first episode that 30 years ago some eastern scientists opened up a portal to an alternate dimension where ev...

Spoiler. Question in Howard and Claire - /u/berlinbrown - 2022/01/17 00:51

I am a little confused. Are bad Claire and spy Howard from the same side. And why don’t they work together submitted by /u/berlinbrown [link] [comments]...

Does the show have a proper ending? - /u/FogellMcLovin77 - 2022/01/14 03:21

I’ve read mixed opinions about the show. 3 episodes in and I’m hooked, but I’m wondering if it’s worth watching until the end. Didn’t want to get accidentally spoiled so I haven’t done any reading. Wa...

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