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Counterpart aired for two seasons on the Starz App and on the Starz premium cable television channel.

Created by Justin Marks, the SciFi/Drama stars J. K. SimmonsOlivia Williams, Harry Lloyd, Nazanin Boniadi, and Sara Serraiocco as a group of agents and spies in a cross-dimensional cold war centered in Berlin, Germany. The show features Stephen Rea, Nolan Funk, and Lotte Verbeek in key supporting roles in Season 1 and James Cromwell and Betty Gabriel shake up the cast on both sides of the dimensional divide in Season 2

Counterpart is ripe for fan theories and Counterpart Starz Wiki collects all the show canon you need to let your imaginations run wild with all the cross-dimensional possibilities. You'll also find complete recaps of all the episodes and behind the scenes production notes from the creators.

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JK Simmons' new series has a new title and a release date.. - /u/catnapspirit - 2022/03/20 18:15 Amazon and Legendary have confirmed the release date for their upcoming sci-fi series, Night Sky, which was previously ti...

Do 2 seasons wrap up main storylines? I'm about to watch. - /u/winston_w_wolf - 2022/02/09 09:04

I'm about to watch this but was wondering if 2 seasons "sort of" wrapped up main storylines? I'd hate it if there are big questions/cliffhangers left hanging b/c of the cancellation. EDIT: Thanks a lo...

Stupid question, but is season 3 a never-going-to-happen type situation? - /u/Random-Red-Shirt - 2022/02/08 20:54

I just discovered and fell in love with this show. I can't believe that it was canceled after two unbelievable, intelligent, and exciting seasons. Yet shows like Big Bang Theory run for 12 years. This...

Loved this show!! - /u/RainbowSprinkles1973 - 2022/02/06 14:28

I wish there was a season 3. They left it as if it could continue... The acting was so well done and well thought out. Anyone watched something similar? I need a new show! submitted by /u/Rainb...

Design / Lookbook? - /u/AnimeTofu - 2022/02/02 20:38

Just finished season 2 – great stuff, acceptable ending! Is there's a design / lookbook for the series? I love the SCP/Control/Lost easthetics, and it would be interesting to see all the design treatm...

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