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Emily Burton Silk is a major character appearing in the new Starz Original Series Counterpart. Emily works in counterintelligence at the Office of Interchange and is/was married to Howard Silk.


The two versions have much in common, but their lives seemed to have diverged slightly upon meeting Howard. In Dimension One, the couple had a church wedding 28 years ago in October shortly after they met. In Dimension Two, the courtship was longer and the couple eloped.

The couple remains married in Dimension One, but are divorced in Dimension Two this change seems to have come about partially due to Emily's efforts to keep Howard away from the real work at the OI.

In D1, he suspected that she wasn't telling him everything about her job. He also became aware that she was unfaithful to him, but they managed to work at it and maintain their marriage.

In D2, Howard did not forgive her for the lie and is still bitter.

D2 Howard and Emily have a daughter, Anna Burton-Silk. In Dimension One, Anna died prior to birth.

Emily Burton Silk Dimension One[]

The primary Emily is married to Howard. According to Peter Quayle, her co-workers at the Office of Interchange speak very highly of her. Quayle claims he's never met her himself.

Emily was in a coma for six weeks after an apparent car crash. The "accident" was an attack orchestrated by Alexander Pope in an attempt to stop her from revealing more about the Indigo plan to her husband's D2 counterpart.

Emily recently woke up from her coma but seems to be unresponsive. She remains hospitalized under guard after an attempt on her life.

Her mother Charlotte and brother Eric (Jamie Bamber) wish to have her removed back to England for long-term care. Howard is vehemently opposed to this plan. Charlotte recently moved to Berlin to oversee her daughter's care.

Emily Burton Silk Dimension Two[]

Dimension Two Emily Burton Silk prefers to go by "Emily Burton".  She is divorced from Howard. She holds a somewhat senior position with OI Counterintelligence known as "Housekeeping". She is fully read-in on The Crossing and the real work and espionage going on at the Office of Interchange.

While she is out of the loop on her ex-husband's current mission, Emily became aware of the palace intrigue inside the OI via a runaway director who explained parts of the Baldwin conspiracy to her before he ended up dead in Istanbul. Emily was blamed for his loss.

She is currently on a leave of absence from her job after an attempt on her life was made to look like a drug overdose. She is romantically involved with Ian Shaw, but their relationship is strained by her sudden interest in working with her ex-husband.

Season 1[]

D1 Emily, comatose after a car accident, becomes the target of a cross-dimensional assassin. (See: The Crossing (Episode))

D2 Emily is tricked into trying to kill Howard. Her boss believes she is using drugs again. (See: Birds of a Feather).

D2 Emily crosses to Dimension One and confronts her Howard about Baldwin. She learns that Alexander Pope set her up to kill Howard and that her D1 Counterpart was the source that set Howard onto the conspiracy within the OI in the first place. (See The Lost Art of Diplomacy)

D2 Emily survives an attack and is accused by her employers of another drugs overdose. She meets her husband's counterpart. (See Both Sides Now)

D2 Emily and D1 Howard investigate Claude Lambert's connection to the Indigo conspiracy. (See: Shaking the Tree)

D2 Emily, D1 Howard, and Ian Shaw investigate the house in Potsdam. (See: Act Like You've Been Here Before)

D1 Emily wakes from her coma but is unresponsive. Her mother Charlotte Burton arrives to oversee her care. D2 Emily and D1 Howard make gruesome discoveries in Potsdam. (See: Love the Lie)

D2 Emily and Ian Shaw manage to save Kasper from Pope's men and get him to tell them what he knows about Indigo. (See No Man's Land (Part One))

D2 Emily explains Indigo to Management and urges them to make a mea culpa for the attack. D1 Emily awakes to find D2 Howard reading poetry. (See No Man's Land (Part 2))




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