Helen Moller is the name of two characters in the first season of the Starz Original Series Counterpart.

In Dimension One, Moller is personal assistant to Roland Fancher in the OI Diplomacy Department.

In Dimension Two, Moller is an Indigo-trained sleeper agent sent to D1 to replace her counterpart or "Shadow".

Moller is played by Lotte Verbeek. The character was known as "Ringleader" in all pre-show publicity in order to hide the true nature of the role.

Season OneEdit

D1 Helen Moller ushers Peter Quayle into a meeting in the Office of Interchange Diplomancy Department warning him that her boss has been in since very early in the morning and is on his "fourth cup". (See: The Lost Art of Diplomacy)

D2 Helen Moller, Oskar Wolfe, and Rashad Roumani come through The Crossing using forged papers showing they're assigned to the D2 Embassy in Dimension One. (See: Shaking the Tree)

D2 Helen questions Oskar Wolfe after his unauthorized exit from the safe house. (See: Act Like You've Been Here Before)

D1 Helen is apparently killed off screen. D2 Helen assumes her counterpart's job at the OI and kills several co-workers in a heretofore unexplained part of the Indigo plot. (See No Man's Land (Part One))

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