Naya Temple is a character introduced in Season 2 of the STARZ Original Series Counterpart.

Naya is a an FBI agent. Dimension One Management hires her to help track down Indigo agents from Dimension Two after the attack on the Office of Interchange (See: No Man's Land)

Naya means "new" in Hindi (नया).

Naya Temple is portrayed by Betty Gabriel (Get Out, The Purge:Election Year, Westworld).


In her nine years with FBI counterintelligence, Naya exposed four spy rings including 22 Chinese and Russian agents.

She is a Muslim and a woman of color and says her status as an outsider allows her to understand the spies she’s hunting. Naya says she sees the world the way they see the world with their "nose pressed against the glass".

Season 2Edit

Naya learns about The Crossing and begins pressuring OI employees to turn in anyone they suspect is a spy for Dimension Two. She takes an interest in D2 Howard. (See: Inside Out)

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