No Man's Land is the two-part, two-night Season 1 finale of the Starz Original Series Counterpart. Part One is directed by Stephen Williams (Ray Donovan, Westworld) from a script by Erin Levy and will air on March 18.

Part Two is directed by Jennifer Getzinger (Mad Men, Outlander) and will air after a one-week hiatus on April 1.

The TitleEdit

No Man's Land is a common title in literature, music, and politics.

Since the show is set in Berlin, the title may reference the large open space between the two barriers that made up the Berlin Wall. This "No Man's Land" or "Death Strip" included armed guards in towers, landmines, guard dogs, beds of nails and other deadly deterrents to dissuade those who wished to flee communist rule in East Germany.

"No man's land" was also applied to the areas between the western democracies and Soviet satellite nations in Eastern Europe. These areas were also equipped with deterrents to dissuade defectors.

In World War I, "no man's land" referenced the area between the trenches of two opposing armies.


D2 Howard attempts to thwart the sleeper agents' plans. D1 Howard and D2 Emily chase Kaspar.


Counterpart Inside the World of Counterpart Season 1, Episode 9 STARZ

Counterpart Inside the World of Counterpart Season 1, Episode 9 STARZ

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Counterpart Temporada 1 Episodio 9-0

Counterpart Temporada 1 Episodio 9-0


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