Oskar Wolfe is the name of two characters in the first season of the Starz Original Series Counterpart.

D1 Wolfe works in the Office of Interchange mail room. His job is to x-ray incoming packages for any contraband or dangerous materials.

D2 Wolfe is an Indigo-trained sleeper agent sent from Dimension Two to Dimension One to replace his counterpart or "Shadow".

Wolfe is played by Nolan Gerard Funk. The character was known as "Angel Eyes" in all pre-show publicity in order to hide the true nature of the role.

Season OneEdit

D2 Oskar Wolfe, Helen Moller, and Rashad Roumani come through The Crossing using forged papers showing they're assigned to the D2 Embassy in Dimension One. (See: Shaking the Tree)

D2 Oskar leaves the safe house and explores a nearby club. Upon his return he describes it as "filthy" and says "they all deserve to die." (See: Act Like You've Been Here Before)

D1 Oskar is killed by Baldwin when he returns to his apartment from grocery shopping. She takes his keys and wallet to facilitate D2 Oskar taking over his life. (See: Love the Lie)

D2 Oskar takes over his Shadow's life and uses his position in the mail room to distribute guns to his fellow sleeper agents. Their goal seems to be to get Oskar back across the border for some reason. (See No Man's Land (Part One))

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