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Peter Quayle is a primary character on the Starz Original Series Counterpart.

Peter is a director in the Strategy Department at the Dimension One version of the Office of Interchange. His carefully calibrated career unravels throughout Season 1 as he sinks deeper into the world of espionage and double lives.

Peter is married to Head of Diplomacy Roland Fancher's daughter Clare.

Peter Quayle is played by British actor Harry Lloyd.

Season One[]

Peter refuses to promote Howard Silk to a job in "Strategy" but is then forced to bring him into an even more important role once another Howard arrives from Dimension Two. (See: The Crossing (Episode))

Peter promotes Howard to "Analysis" but is forced to pull him off the job before he starts as D2 Howard demands his counterpart be part of the mission. (See: Birds of a Feather)

Peter attempts to delay his father-in-law from making a deal to extradite Baldwin back to Dimension Two. (See: The Lost Art of Diplomacy)

Peter and D2 Howard meet Heinrich to learn more about the conspiracy. He learns there's a mole in Strategy. (See: Both Sides Now)

Peter and Aldrich meet Alice and learn about the Indigo program to replace D1 individuals with specially trained D2 counterparts. (See: Shaking the Tree)

Peter realizes that he is the leak in his office via his wife Clare. (See: Act Like You've Been Here Before)

Peter completely loses it and confronts D2 Clare about being a spy. (See: The Sincerest Form of Flattery)

Peter chains Clare to a towel warmer/radiator in the bathroom. She talks him into keeping her secret so he doesn't tell the truth when confronted by Aldrich. (See: Love the Lie)

Peter attempts to trap D2 Howard. After that fails, sensing he has no good options left, he drives himself and Clare into an industrial metal dumpster at speed. (See No Man's Land (Part One))

With a broken clavicle, Peter is lauded by Management for his earlier warning about moles inside the OI. He's placed in charge of investigating the recent attack. (See No Man's Land (Part 2)




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