Rashad Roumani is the name of a character in the first season of the Starz Original Series Counterpart.

D1 Roumani works in the Office of Interchange Strategy Department bullpen.

D2 Roumani is an Indigo-trained sleeper agent sent from Dimension Two to Dimension One to replace his counterpart or "Shadow".

Roumani is played by Junes Zahdi. The character was known as "Glasses" in all pre-show publicity in order to hide the true nature of the role.

Season OneEdit

D2 Rashad Roumani, Helen Moller, and Oskar Wolfe come through The Crossing using forged papers showing they're assigned to the D2 Embassy in Dimension One. (See: Shaking the Tree)

D2 Roumani takes over his Shadow's life and shoots up the Strategy Department. This appears to be a distraction in order to get him into a secured room so that he can disable door locks in the building and allow Oskar to get back down to Customs and The Crossing.(See No Man's Land (Part One))